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NCAA Betting Lines

Come and join us and don't miss out on any of the great action that college basketball has to offer. The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament is made up of 68 teams which are announced, seeded, and ranked on selection Sunday. These teams are divided into four regions: West, South, Midwest and East, each region has teams ranked from 1-16. Teams are then aligned into a single-elimination bracket where winners will navigate through the bracket's different phases like "Sweet 16", "Elite 8." Each Conference Champion will move onto the "Final Four." The Final Four are the nations college basketball semi-final which will play in a single-elimination format to determine the year's champion. The final four is played at a different city every year and is regarded as one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Since College Basketball is so famous and renowned it's no surprise that point spread betting is one of the biggest and most exciting ways to wager on the tournament not only due to its huge fan base but the popularity of side bets such as the infamous March Madness Bracket. At Sportsbook you can bet on point spreads, money lines, totals or over/under, first half and second half and futures also betting trends are available.

Money Lines

While point spreads focus on the margin of victory, moneyline is a different type of sports bet where you simply wager on a team to win, the margin of victory isn't factored in and just depends on the final outcome of the game. This type of betting is attractive fuel to the security bettors fins in a favorite, or the big payout an underdog might offer them. As an example if UCLA is a -300 favorite over USC then for every $300 you bet on UCLA to win you'd get back $100. On the other hand if the USC line were at +250 this would mean that for every $100 you bet on USC you'd make $250. In both cases you'd get your original bet back plus the winnings.

Total or Over/Under

Total betting, also known as the Over/Under, allows you to bet on the final outcome of the game (amount of paints bet) regardless of the team. If a USC/UCLA game had a total of 145 you simply have to take the sum of the points scored (UCLA 75-USC 78) giving you a total of 153 pushing the game over 153.

First Half and Second Half - Spread and Total

The same betting style for the spread, money, and total are offered for the first half and second half as opposed to the full game.


Futures wagering is a customer favorite allowing customers to bet on events that will happen in the future at great odds, an example of this would be Team to win a particular division or a team to win the championship, also these can be used for players such as who'll be the top scorer or the MVP. As these bets are harder you'll see bigger lines such as 25/1, these odds mean you'll get $25 for every $1 you bet.