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NCAA Betting Lines

Bet on Football and win big on NCAA Football with Sportsbook. Place your football bets on all the big games as we cover the football season from preseason to postseason to the BCS Championship Game. has all your College Football betting needs covered. We offer all the betting action you could hope join us and check out our College football betting lines, College football betting trends, College football betting spreads, and College football betting odds.

NCAA football betting lines are huge in the betting industry due to its massive fan base and the size of its conferences. An example, Division 1 has 11 conferences alone; meaning there are a lot of betting opportunities during College Football season. The significant popularity of NCAA Football, the sport's ability to pack stadiums and its loyal, devoted fans keep it in competition with the NFL for viewership College Football Betting Spread: Wagering on the point spread or the "line" involves wagering on one of two things: - Whether a team will WIN BY MORE than the given amount of points. Or, Whether a team will LOSE BY LESS than the given amount of points.

College Football Betting Total: The NCAA Football total (over/under) is the sum of all points scored in the college betting game by both teams. You can choose to bet on the OVER or the UNDER. For a bet on the OVER you are betting that the combined scores of the two teams will be MORE than the listed total. For a bet on the UNDER, you are betting that the combined scores of the two teams will be LESS than the listed total. College Football Moneyline: A Moneyline or Straight-up wager is a bet on the outright winner of a game or event, without any point spread odds. When betting on moneylines you don't have to worry about your team winning or losing by a certain number of points. All your selection must do is win.

Finding success in NCAA Football betting can be a challenge but an understanding of the nature of the game can help significantly. Fortunately, there's plenty of statistics available to the pro college betting enthusiast but the most valuable NCAA football betting trends can be found right here at Use our NCAAF betting trends to be in the know who's betting and on what in order to be in the know of the action that people are betting on. Our NCAA sports betting trends are one of the most profitable ways to stay on top of the game and get the most out of the College Football schedule.