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NCAA College Basketball Betting Trends

Among serious betting enthusiasts, college basketball is considered the best -and some would say the easiest- sport to handicap. That may or may not be the case, but there's no disputing that college hoops offers some unique advantages to the dedicated handicapper. Many of the best handicapping concepts derive from the top-heavy power structure of college basketball. There are a couple dozen 'elite' teams but hundreds of competent ones. NCAA basketball betting odds and trends are available for smaller conferences that linesmakers simply don't have the time to follow closely. Throw in a long season and a winner take all tournament at the end and you've got a sport that offers countless betting opportunities on a daily basis.

There are so many good theories for successful college basketball betting that it's almost an 'embarrassment of riches'. Most require the sort of specialized betting trends information available at Sportsbook.AG. There is nothing that beats good situational pointspread records and betting trends that we provide. There are times when you can find a few teams that underachieve in specific situations and ride them all season long.

One good betting concept is playing against elite teams that play in tough conferences like the Big Ten or ACC. You'll often find teams that are considered 'top contenders' for the NCAA title that have a hard time 'getting up' for conference rivals. They'll often be overvalued against the pointspread meaning that you'll get line value simply by betting against them. Their opponents 'circle this game' for a top effort with an 'elite rival' in town. This isn't something to bet blindly, but a little bit of research will reveal some teams that seldom lose straight up but have a hard time covering pointspreads in conference play.

Once the NCAA tournament rolls around there are often opportunities to profit by taking 'mid-major' underdogs against the middle of the pack teams from 'power conferences'. Once again, you'll need good situational trend data and power ratings but every year there are some lower profile teams that take out overrated opponents.