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NCAA College Football Betting Trends

Among sports betting enthusiasts college football is second only to NFL football in popularity. Not surprisingly, there are a many shared handicapping concepts that work for both college and professional football. While some of the important statistical metrics are the same at both levels, there are some significant differences between the pro and college game that every sports bettor needs to know.

It's easy to find college football statistics in newspapers but for sports betting specific data you'll need to look at our college football betting trends here at Sportsbook.AG. Here you can find all types of situational trends for every team in Division 1 college football. You can also find a breakdown of betting action on every college football game on the board. With this information, you can handicap college football using a variety of methodological approaches.

Perhaps the most significant difference between pro and college football is that variation in public interest and you can find that reflecting in betting trends. While NFL football is a 'big deal' throughout the country, not every college football team or matchup captures the imagination of the betting public. For that reason, it's important to know which games are bet heavily by the general public (usually 'big games' featuring top programs like Alabama and Oregon) and which ones have a lower profile and won't get much nationwide attention. It's possible to use 'contrarian' approaches similar to NFL handicapping with 'big' college football games, but these concepts might not work for games with lower echelon teams.

Emotion also plays a more significant role in college football. Professional football players have their 'ups and downs' but as a rule turn in a fairly consistent effort from one week to another. College players, meanwhile, are more subject to 'letdown' situations where their effort suffers following a big game or an important win. Another emotionally based situation is the 'lookahead' spot where a team lacks focus against a weak opponent with a 'big game' or rivalry matchup on deck.