General information about the games

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Rules for all games can be viewed by opening up the game and clicking on the rules tab at the top of the window or from the game help option (the red-brown question mark) on the tool bar in the Flash games.

Most (but not all) games come with a Play For Fun option which we advise you to try out before you play for real money.  On some of the games you have to select the Play For Fun option before logging-in; on others you must log-in first and then choose the 'For Fun' option.

Every casino round has a unique Round ID and you should provide it if you have a casino claim.  Due to technology constraints we can only provide you with the card/number/dice details and outcomes for a limited number of casino rounds only.  If a unique Round ID or exact time for a particular casino round is not provided by the member we cannot guarantee the funds will be reimbursed.