Grading time frames and sources of results

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We do our best to settle bets as soon as possible and usually we are able to do this within 15 minutes of a game's conclusion. 

The standard timeframe for the settlement of different types of bets is listed below, although please understand that discrepancies in officially quoted scores may lead to delays:

  • Moneyline, point spread and over/under wagers: these are usually graded within 15 minutes of a game's conclusion, providing all official sources are quoting the same score.
  • Proposition/ future wagers: these are usually graded within 1-2 hours of the end of the event but can sometimes take a little longer.
  • Live Betting wagers on the game line are graded once the game is completed. 
  • Quarter bets and live betting props are usually graded as the specific quarter or event ends, unless we are unable to find three concurrent scores from reliable and official sources.  In the event of any discrepancies in results from official sources there may be a delay in the grading of the bets. 

Other factors, such as a large volume of bets, or system slowness can also influence how quickly bets are paid out.

If these timeframes have elapsed and your bet is still pending, please contact Player Services for assistance.


For the grading (settling) of wagers on sports we use the following official sources:



 Pro Football

 Pro Basketball

 Ice Hockey

Major League Baseball

College Sports

Various sites, amongst them  Each team also has an official site from which we obtain more precise information like stats for prop wagers.




European Golf

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

 We are provided with detailed results by a score service.