Why was I charged for my deposit via Credit/Debit card?

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There are two reasons that you may find charges associated with your deposit:

  1. Your credit card company insists on charging your deposits as Cash Advances or Quasi-Cash transactions (which do carry a fee) rather than the purchases for which we are registered. If your deposit was $100 or more, we will gladly reimburse these fees to your gaming account if you send us a statement showing the deposit and the associated fees. We'll cover charges incurred within the last 30 days but, unfortunately, we cannot consider re-imbursement for deposits older than this.
  2. Your bank may charge a small foreign transaction fee for deposits made to your gaming account. We'll reimburse all these fees into your gaming account but you must send us a statement showing the deposits and fees along with the description. A hard copy statement will show all the required information but we'll accept any statement (online included) as long as we can match up the deposit with the fee charged. Again, we'll only cover charges incurred within the last 30 days.

Please scan your statement and attach it to an email. Don't forget to include your customer ID number (account number) and a short note explaining why you are sending it.

We'll contact you as soon as we have reviewed your statement.